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Branch office IT Security and Compliance

The Network Cloud eliminates the challanges associated with providing network security and IT compliance in retail, franchise and branch office locations.

We ensure the privacy and security of our clients by integrating an extensive set of security features designed to address the unique needs of retail, franchise and branch office locations into our data and voice services.

Our platform provides options for fully integrated Active Directory services, Intrusion Prevention Services, web filtering, web security, Point of Sale security, PCI Compliance and guest WiFi security.


Private, dedicated & Secure

The Network Cloud is a private, virtual Wide Area Network (WAN) that is built on a dedicated virtual private cloud infrastructure. Cloud services are not shared by clients.

The Network Cloud infrastructure is built with a set of isolated operating system stacks, dedicated application layer services, strong SSL encryption and private Internet firewalls.

Each private Network Cloud is only accessible to a client’s remote locations and end-users. Optional dedicated server and network infrastructure can be deployed to extend cloud isolation to the physical layer for clients with high level security requirements.


Enterprise Authentication Services

The Branch Network Appliance can provide on-premise user authentication, DHCP, DNS, LDAP, syslog and other common IT services.

Each Network Cloud deployment includes an option for cloud based AD & LDAP services. Branch Network Appliances can be joined to primary Domain Controllers in The Network Cloud.

Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems in local branches can now authenticate to a domain without the need for a Microsoft Windows Domain controller or the associated costs.


Isolated Guest and POS Networks

Each branch Network Appliance provides a dedicated network built to protect Point of Sale systems, Kiosks, credit card terminals and other sensitive transactions.

The Branch Network Appliance allows clients to enforce bandwidth restrictions and ensure that critical business network traffic and voice calls always get priority.

Branch locations can also isolate wireless guest networks and restrict guest access solely to the public Internet.


Connected to Broadband ISPs

The Network Cloud is directly connected to major Broadband Internet providers for increased performance and security of our SSL VPN based virtual WAN.

Remote branch locations will typically access our data-center without ever leaving the local Broadband ISP network. This feature reduces the increased security risk from exposure to the public Internet and drastically increases the performance of our VPN tunnels.

Our proprietary Tunnel Routing Protocol automatically finds the best path from each branch to our cloud via these Internet providers.


Remote User VPN

Remote users can access corporate applications, network resources, telephone resources and systems in their local branch office from any Internet connected desktop or mobile device.

The Network Cloud provides highly available, redundant and performance enhanced end-user VPN services without the complexity and cost of dedicated hardware in your corporate office.