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Connect Remote Branch Locations

The Network Cloud is a virtual WAN solution that provides a secure, reliable and fast way to connect remote branch locations. The platform can be administered from a web portal by existing staff or deployed as a fully managed service. 4G/cellular fail-over is built-in to ensure 99% uptime of network services at remote sites.

The hybrid cloud solution includes a virtual private cloud (vpc) for services shared by branch locations along with local broadband Internet and a pre-configured appliance at each location for fast, simple and secure deployments.


More Reliable & More Resiliant

Our cloud based virtual Wide Are Network (WAN) service connects remote branch and retail locations together using broadband Internet with a 99% uptime guarantee.

We provide an industry first end-to-end uptime guarantee for retail, franchise, hospitaility and branch office locations. Our goal is to ensure your credit cards keep processing, online orders are delivered and telephones keep ringing.

Get the performance of MPLS and the reliability of point to point (P2P) links at the cost of Broadband Internet with a private WAN from The Network Cloud.


Easier and more affordable

Eliminate the high cost, complexity and finger pointing that comes from dealing with multiple vendors by connecting your branch locations with The Network Cloud.

Lower the cost of supporting branch offices even further by utilizing additional integrated services like our Business VoIP PBX platform, network security tools, network monitoring solution and remote user VPN.

Just pay a single low monthly fee and save over 40% on your branch OPEX costs.


Built for Performance

The Network Cloud is directly connected to all major Internet providers to ensure we have the most direct path from each local branch into our cloud network.

In many cases traffic from remote locations will be delivered into the Nework Cloud without ever leaving the local ISP network.

Our proprietary Tunnel Routing Protocol uses real-time information on available network paths, available bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, latency and Internet congestion to make real-time traffic routing decisions about your branch traffic.