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Branch Network Health and Application Visibility

Managing remote branch network, server and application services without any awareness of the health and performance of these systems is a common challenge for IT administrators. Fighting fires and responding to events only after they have occurred has become the standard operating procedure in many IT departments.

The Network Cloud automatically configures branch, network and application health monitoring services to address this issue. Our network health and performance monitoring solution allows clients to pro-actively detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues in their remote locations – before the end-user calls.


Monitoring of Branch Health

The Network Cloud automatically configures branch & data-center resources for monitoring when they are installed.

Proactive monitoring of branch and data-center networks, servers, applications and the VoIP telephone infrastructure was built into the Network Cloud Service from the start.

The monitor service collects real-time health, utilization and performance data that is made available in a set of easy to interpret visual dashboards.

The system also monitors a wide range of system thresholds and automatically generates alerts if these thresholds are exceeded.


Application and Traffic Visibility

Get real-time and historical views of device communication across all branch locations by IP, Port and application.

Our optional network traffic analysis service enables clients to view details about network devices, network communications and device relationships across the entire virtual WAN infrastructure.

Watch network traffic in real time by bandwidth, port, application and operating system. Analyze network utilization across all remote locations by application, IP, OS, port and protocols.


Historical Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve problems in remote sites before end-users experience any symptoms.

Clients can reduce reactive IT workloads by proactively identifying trends in performance, uptime, reliability and utilization of resources.


Access for Advanced Administrators

For advanced users, all standard Linux command line troubleshooting tools are available in every branch.

Followers of the Penguin can nmap, tcpdump, mtr, ssh, socks proxy, iptraf, iperf, iftop, hping2 and much more to their hearts content!