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SYMPLYFI YOUR BRANCH CONNECTIVITY™ with a fully managed solution
built to meet the needs of organizations w/ multiple food service, retail or corporate branch office locations.


SYMPLYFI™ provides you with a comprehensive solution that includes a complete phone system (not just phone lines), Internet Access, Firewall Security and WiFi for your employees and guests.

The fully managed solution is built specifically for organizations w/ multiple food service, retail or branch office locations.

4G cellular backup for the broadband Internet connection is built in so your critical business systems like credit card processing and telephones never fail to function during Internet outages.

The entire system is pro-actively monitored AND managed by us 24/7 so we identify and solve problems BEFORE they affect your store or business operations.

We also work as the primary point of contact for other vendors that rely on your IT infrastructure so you and your staff can focus on running your business instead of doing IT support.

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Fast, reliable branch connectivity

Connect remote retail, franchise and branch office locations together using Broadband Internet and 4G failover with a 99% uptime guarantee.

Our Network Cloud platform is a virtual WAN service that allows companies with multiple locations to connect remote sites together. The service uses low cost Broadband Internet and built-in 4G to deliver MPLS level performance and the reliability of point-to-point circuits.

The solution was designed to address the reliability, performance and compliance needs of retail, franchise and remote branch operations.


Business VoIP Telephone Service

Our hybrid VoIP telephone service delivers the features and cost savings of hosted VoIP while maintaining the reliability and quality of a local PBX and phone lines.

The local branch network appliance contains an IP PBX module that communicates with our Network Cloud to provide HD quality voice, fax, texting and audio conferencing to retail, franchise and branch office locations.

The Network Cloud is built with reliability in mind and can deliver HD quality voice service using the built-in 4G data failover. This ensures your phones will never stop working – even if the primary Internet connection goes down.


Security & Compliance made easy

The Network Cloud eliminates the challenge of providing network security and IT compliance in retail, franchise and branch office locations.

We provide isolated networks and firewalls in each branch for Point of Sale (POS), online ordering software, kiosks and card terminals to simplify security monitoring and PCI compliance.

Core IT services like AD/LDAP Authentication, remote user VPNs, Firewalls, DHCP and DNS are all available – with no Microsoft License required.


Proactive Branch Monitoring

The Network Cloud enables clients to detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues in their remote branch locations – before the end-users call.

The Network Cloud platform can automatically configure network monitoring and alerting on the health of the local network infrastructure whenever a branch is added.